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Blog/ Announcements

FALL 2015, Edition III

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 12:50 AM

Welcome to the fall Tumor Registrars Association of Connecticut newsletter created to update members on professional and personal announcements. As we leave summer behind and look forward to the fall, our lives get just a little bit busier. People are returning to school and our focus becomes preparation for the holidays. Trick or treat, giving thanks for what we have, and events shared with family and friends are all things to be enjoyed. Autumn in New England is a beautiful time of year with the crisp air, the leaves turning color and falling to the ground. Our wish is continued health and prosperity this season.

President's Message

At our annual educational meeting in September, April shared her extensive knowledge that will surely improve the quality of abstracting state-wide. The officers, education committee, and Yale New Haven Hospital staff worked as a team to provide this awesome conference. A special thank you to the Yale registry staff for coordinating the event; everything was perfectly executed. April Fritz relayed to us that we were a good group and she enjoyed herself. Matt Jones’ inspirational story reminded us of what is important in life and the power of positive thinking.

At the meeting, all of the officers were sworn in to their same offices. I am pleased to say that all committee members have agreed to stay in their positions, as well. We begin 2016 with a full team that looks forward to our mission to improve and grow our organization. The board of directors has many ideas to achieve these objectives.

Before I map out plans for the future, I would like to reflect on the past year. In 2015, the board worked together to realize many accomplishments. A new website was launched, a quarterly newsletter was developed, two high-quality educational conferences that included national speakers were provided, our bylaws were revised and approved, our nominating/election process was improved, and a fundraiser to provide a scholarship was initiated. Our balance sheet is stronger than when we began our term.

In the coming year, some of our goals are to increase membership, provide two educational conferences that will feature a national speaker, award a scholarship to a regional or national meeting, and network with other professional organizations to further elevate our profession. On the heels of our annual meeting hosted by Yale New Haven Hospital, we have already begun planning our meetings for 2016. Together, we will be a better organization at year end.

Vice President’s Report

Our website that was launched at the end of May has been a real success story with over 1,300 page views in the first 90 days. The website contains a list of officers and committee members, upcoming events, newsletters, job postings, contact information, and resources. It is meticulously maintained and updated as new information becomes available. It is my goal for the website to be a one-stop resource for us to keep informed. Charging for advertising space may someday become a reality as our membership grows and TRAC becomes more visible as an organization. If anyone has any suggestions on content, please contact me.

The education committee is committed to providing quality programs. Our March meeting had great speakers with interesting presentations. The annual meeting in September that featured April Fritz was outstanding. My goal for education in 2016 is to provide two educational meetings that will feature a national speaker. One meeting will focus on the standards for ACOS program accreditation, the second will feature the latest and greatest site-specific treatments as evidenced by current cancer research. William W. Backus Hospital will host the spring meeting. Yale New Haven Hospital has volunteered to host our annual meeting.

A fundraiser to provide a scholarship to a regional or national meeting was initiated in September. Yankee Candle was selected because it required no monetary investment upfront and it is a recognized product that most of us like. Fundraiser participation or buying merchandise is totally voluntary. Depending on the success of these efforts and members' wishes, future activities to provide a scholarship will continue. We maintain that it is a worthwhile cause to provide an educational opportunity to someone who might not be able to otherwise attend.


The following is a list of educational offerings this year:

New York Cancer Registrars Association, Saratoga Springs, New York, October 7-9

Cancer Registrars Association New England, Framingham, Massachusetts, October 19-20

Secretary Report

2016 is the 40th anniversary of the Tumor Registrars Association of Connecticut. We look forward to a year of celebration of this important milestone. Perhaps we could have a cake, a 40th anniversary banner or decorations and door prizes at each meeting. A volunteer to take a few pictures to commemorate the occasion would also be nice. We welcome your suggestions to make the year special.

Treasurer/Membership/Ways and Means

Currently, TRAC has 45 members. The 2016 membership drive will begin in December; the annual membership dues increased to $30, up from $25. TRAC had 59 people register for the meeting and 55 attended. Thirty-one of the 59 were TRAC members. Ways and Means was collected; Jennifer Cantillo-Mena won the drawing and returned her winnings to TRAC. Thank you for your generosity, Jen. Future meeting fees were increased $5 for meetings without a national speaker; a higher fee will be assessed for meetings with a national speaker.

Bylaws Committee

The committee provided a Power Point presentation on their recommendations for bylaws revisions at our annual meeting. All revisions were approved except Article III, Section I, Classification of Membership. That article will be revisited and voted on at a later date. The bylaws are now current and will just require an annual review going forward.

Nominating Committee

The committee sent nomination requests to members electronically using Survey Monkey. Members could either check the box to choose a current officer or type in the name of another candidate. There were 23 responses with the majority of respondents nominating the current officers. Using Survey Monkey has simplified the nominating/election process and we will continue to use this method in the future.


Great News and Congratulations

Three registrars, Tammy Lepisto from Yale New Haven Hospital, Lourdes Lopez and Sara Burns from Hartford Hospital passed their certification exam (CTR). All three have received their CTR pins from TRAC.

Eliza Cleaveland was awarded the Department of Public Health employee of the month in September.

TRAC received a thank you card from Brooke Chang for the gift we sent at the birth of her daughter. Brooke recently returned to her position at William W. Backus Hospital.

Sad News

Cathryn Phillips’ brother, John Anthony Phillips, passed away September 8th. We are so sorry for her loss. Cathy would like to say, “On behalf of my family, I would like to express my deep appreciation to the members of TRAC for the wonderful fruit basket that was delivered to John’s wife. Our family is very appreciative of your kind thoughts and gesture. May God hold us all in the palm of His hand.”

Job Postings

Middlesex Hospital: Cancer Data Registrar

Yale New Haven Hospital: Cancer Registrar

For more information, the positions are posted on the TRAC website.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful fall season, everyone...

Donna M. Lanphear, President

Amy Baldwin-Stephens, Vice President

Rosemary Crawford, Secretary Michele Wojewodzki, Treasurer


Public Relations and Communication Committee Chair: Donna M. Lanphear

Education/Liaison Committee Chair; Webmaster: Amy Baldwin-Stephens

Education: Donna Goss, Mike Kuhland

Membership/Ways and Means Committees Chair: Michele Wojewodzki

Ways and Means: Eliza Cleaveland

Bylaws Committee: Cathryn Phillips, Mary Jeanne Pierce, Brooke Chang

Nominating Committee: Teresita Vega Committee Chair, Jennifer Cantillo-Mena, Tammy Smith


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